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In 2003, only it established with the aim of providing graphic-design services "KBC Agency", in a short time has established a strong customer network, has expanded its business volume and quickly completed the institutionalization process of transition.

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In order to attain an internationally competitive structure and to produce high-quality products KBC Printing continuously invests in R & D activities, combines its experience with qualified workforce to provide the best service to the market .

We provide these objectives by

» Maintaining customer satisfaction with fast and continuous service

» Following technological innovations closely

» Implementing commercial activities within legal framework

» Awareness and sensitivity to the protection of our environment,

» Taking necessary measures to ensure safety of our employees in a healthier working environment


» Continue our activity by giving importance to people, society and environment.


» With a customer-oriented approach, reach the leading producer position in the market


» Following continuous innovations and use the technology efficiently


» Contribute to the development of our sector and our country