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In 2003, only it established with the aim of providing graphic-design services "KBC Agency", in a short time has established a strong customer network, has expanded its business volume and quickly completed the institutionalization process of transition.

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Benefits Of Work With US
  • Develops Ethical business practices.
  • Easy to access business information at one place.
  • Reduce need to various audits, Time saving and cost saving process.
  • Minimizes workload and generates more employees involvement
  • Maintain and monitor information properly.
  • Increase business efficiency of the organization.
  • Better utilization of recourses.
  • Reduces duplication and drives collaboration.
  • Develop business standards.
  • Enhanced deficiency and improve efficiency.
  • Provide effective way to communicate with your customer.


It consists of the initials of the FSC, FOREST Stewardship Council and is an international institution. FSC is a non-profit organization that brings together the chain of custody (COC) management, the creation of standards, organization representatives, and some forest organizations worldwide. As of 2008, more than 100 million hectares of forests in 79 countries have been certified for compliance with FSC standards.

• The main objective is to establish and manage standards for proper use of forest products worldwide, and ensure that all organizations have independent control over their compliance with them.

• The FSC’s place of establishment and headquarters are located in Bonn, Germany.

Environmental policy

Kbc Printing takes into consideration the quality of the products it produces, as well as its impacts on the environment during the production process. Our company, which works with cardboard and paper as raw material in the packaging sector, is sensitive about the selection of recyclable products. In addition, it constantly develops systems and innovations to remove waste water, chemicals and gases in a controlled manner during production.

Kbc Printing is highly cares to ;

• Meet the relevant environmental and energy legislation requirements,

• Reduce wastes and allow for recycling by applying on-site separation,

• Consider its impact to environment at every step, from the raw material to the final product,

• Minimize energy usage and use it efficiently,

• Make investments that are thought to reduce environmental impacts by developing technology,

• Its staff to attach importance not only to the environmental protection standards required for production, but also to the environmental protection awareness at every stage of their lives as environmental policy requirement.

Our company adopts the FSC policy by supplying the main raw material of cardboard and paper products from the FSC certified suppliers to reduce the damage caused to forests

• Cutting or trading of illegal trees or forest products

• Violation of traditional rights and human rights during forestry operations

• Destruction of forests with high conservation value during forestry operations

• Transformation of natural forest areas into plantations or non-forest areas

• Use of genetically modified organisms in forestry operations

• Violation of any of the ILO (International Labor Organisation) core conventions defined in the ILO declaration.